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Speaker Design and Guitar Tone Factors

18 Oct 2011 / in 2011, Musical Instruments, Speakers

An update on AEE’s Speaker Design Project by Team Leader Stephen Zajac Rob Pollum presenting a forum on guitar tone factors.

Leadership and Team Building, Analog Synthesizer and Isolation Table Design

10 Oct 2011 / in 2011, Musical Instruments, Synth

Rachelle addresses AEE members about leadership. Ryan Bliton shows some components of a modular Analog Synthesizer. This is a proposed AEE project for the fall semester. Werner Dahm presents a forum on the Design of an Isolation Table Design Isolation Table Presentation Here is the Turntable Vibration Isolation Tool

Amp plus Speaker and Theremin Projects

14 Apr 2011 / in 2011, AEE Forum, Musical Instruments

4/7/11 First video: Steve Zajac gives a very informative forum on his design of the upcoming $50 amp and speaker project. He gives a lot of great information on speaker design revolving around the Dayton ND90-8 driver. 4/7/11 Second Video: Dr. Wierzba shows off and explains how a theremin works. The theremin shown is a […]