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Archive for year: 2013

AEE Members Attend AES Annual Convention in New York City ….

12 Nov 2013 / in 2013, Events

Original AEE Member Rachelle Bou Serhal Addresses Students at MSU ….

11 Apr 2013 / in 2013, AEE Forum

Rachlle Bou Serhal is one of those incredible people once you meet you can’t help but admire.  In her presentation to AEE students she reveals what she believes is the essence of a good leader in project based environments. She talks about the importance of hearing preservation as she is currently in-depth researching the topic as a Ph. D candidate at the […]

The Tesla Coil Speaker and Sub-woofer Prototype ….

04 Apr 2013 / in 2013, Speakers, Tesla Coil

Stephen Zajac delivers an excellent presentation on the project he recently built: the Tesla Coil Speaker. The voltage ripping through the air can be seen as the music is playing.  He also gives a lot of very useful information about the parameters that are needed to design almost any speaker system.

AEE Jam Session in the EB at MSU ….

26 Mar 2013 / in 2013, Events

An impromptu jam session took place in the Engineering Building classroom at MSU.  AEE members and friends jammed out together. Check out the footage from the session.

Design of a cathedral style case for a Fender Champ Guitar Amp

14 Mar 2013 / in 2013, AEE Forum

Philip Beard presents a forum on his design of a cathedral style case for a Fender Champ Guitar Amp. His case also incorporates a type of visual VU meter using white LEDs. The case style was inspired by a 1930’s Philco Radio. Presentation Slides in PDF Format