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Archive for year: 2015

AEE Forum on Audio Over Internet Protocol ….

19 Mar 2015 / in 2015, AEE Forum

Phil Beard presents a forum on Audio Over IP. Phil has worked as the Director of Engineering at the MSU student-run radio station (IMPACT WDBM 88.9 FM). In his talk Phil addresses: What is Audio Over IP (AoIP)? How does it work? Where is it used?

AEE / TI Forum on Real World Capacitors in Audio ….

26 Feb 2015 / in 2015, AEE Forum

Don Dapkus, Audio Applications Engineering Manager at Texas Instruments, presented a forum on selecting capacitors for audio applications.

AEE Forum on Loud Speaker Fundamentals ….

19 Feb 2015 / in 2015, AEE Forum

Jacob Brettrager presents a forum on Loud Speaker Fundamentals. He discussed speaker components, types of drivers, cone resonance, damping, compliance, impedance, efficiency, power, response, dispersion and polarity.